Meet  Marcus

Marcus Dupuis

Founder of the Elemental Living Group

Developer of Relaxation ONE
Author of "I Breathe Therefore I AM"
Translator of "The Art of Listening to Life"
Lecturer and Ted Talker
Consultant on Big Life Change

Marcus, is a successful entrepreneur and Founder of The Elemental Living Group. He is the developer of Relaxation One, the Author of “I Breathe Therefore I AM” and Translator of
“The Art of Listening to Life".
Marcus has had several successful companies, managed work forces and shaped many business plans. He has travelled the world extensively, lived in Ashrams in India, walked the plains of Tibet, climbed Great Pyramids and studied with great Masters. As a Consultant and Lecturer, he has helped many people find their life path with Balance.

Marcus's  Story

Marcus has been called a "Career Change Specialist". However, there is more to being a successful person than having a career. We are so much more than just our 'Job'. We are complex beings trying to get through this life with some measure of success; how we measure that success is a serious question!

As a teenager Marcus was vice president of his high school, a record setting athlete a photographer and a singer songwriter/performer. After high school travelled to Central America and then to India where he spent a couple of years exploring and studying Yoga and Mysticism.

He then studied world religion and world politics at Laurentian University. The academic environment seemed slow and constricted after having been around the world a couple times. His real world education was proving more valuable. In 1985 he studied with some monks in Northern India, and later walked across the Himalaya into Nepal. He then studied photography, opened his own studio and was considered by the great magazine, National Geographic.
The next 20 years was dedicated to Family and Businesses. 

Marcus is able to explain complex ideas using simple vocabulary and metaphors. He taught photography,  he taught music, lectured on Solar Power worldwide, he is an Author, Lecturer and Workshop Leader. Consulting and Teaching is a thread that runs through his life. 

In 2010 he translated the best-selling book "The Art of Listening to Life" from Spanish to English. The new phase was not so much as a translator, but as a lecturer and workshop leader of the material in the book, which is how to become an active participant in creating your life.

He just published his book “I Breathe Therefore I AM”, his journey continues with helping people get into the driver's seat of their life. Deep conscious breathing is a principle tool used to calm the mind and focus thought. As a consultant he uses Breathing exercises to prepare and elevate his clients.

Relaxation One is about using Breath as a central tool for achieving balance, and The Elemental Living Group is the platform for connecting and sharing the information. Join Us!


Marcus has taught me breathing exercises that have helped me gain more clarity in my writing. I use the breathing techniques all the time!

Josep Soler

Thought Leader, Best Selling Author and Holistic Healer

Inspired by the title “I Breathe, Therefore I AM” I decided to register for Marcus’ online program. I have always had respiratory issues and this peaked my interest. I was thrilled with Marcus’ insights into the health benefits of proper breathing and I have benefited immensely from this course. I highly recommend this program.

Paul Borchert

Senior Educator

Deep Breathing Exercises have helped me deal with unpredictability of my profession and the anxiety that can come with it. I do a breathing exercise right at my desk or while waiting for an appointment in my car. The effects are instant and help me through my day!

Cathy T Burke

Real Estate Professional

The private consultation I had with Marcus was very informative and eye opening to say the least. It was very accurate and helped clarify things for me. I highly recommend getting a consultation!

Bohden Doval


Marcus has this beautiful gift of helping you connect the missing links and listening to the life messaging system that is constantly coming in from our higher self. I learned to listen to life all day long and every day! A life changing technique! The moment I learned to master this life changing skill of tapping into the flow, life started happening for me and with me. I am in love with life itself, i feel and I am!

Marcelle Visser

Yoga Master

My private consulting session with Marcus was spot on! I shared very little about my history and body ailments yet the intuitive feedback and guidance made perfect sense. I now see the direct correlation of my body talk in relationship to my life style, mind set and patterns I am living. I now have clarity, tools and a direction to take to obtain healing. Marcus is very gifted!

Kat Stewart

Retired Business Professional

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