Meet  Marcus

Marcus Dupuis

Founder of the Elemental Living Group

Developer of Relaxation ONE
Author of "I Breathe Therefore I AM"
Translator of "The Art of Listening to Life"
Lecturer and Ted Talker
Consultant on Big Life Change

Marcus, is a successful entrepreneur and Founder of The Elemental Living Group. He is the developer of Relaxation One, the Author of “I Breathe Therefore I AM” and Translator of
“The Art of Listening to Life".
Marcus has travelled the world extensively and studied with great Masters. He has lived in Ashrams in India, walked the plains of Tibet and climbed Great Pyramids. As a Consultant and Lecturer, he has helped many people find their path and navigate it with Balance.

Marcus's  Story

Marcus has been called a "Career Change Specialist". However, there is more to being a successful person than having a career. We are complex beings trying to get through this life with some measure of success; how we measure that success is a serious question!

As a teenager Marcus was vice president of his high school, a record setting athlete and a singer songwriter/performer. After high school he headed out into the world, starting a six month trip to Central America. Next he went to India and spent a couple of years exploring and studying Yoga and Eastern Thought.

When he got back to Canada he studied world religion and world politics at Laurentian University. The academic environment seemed slow and constricted after having been around the world a couple times. His real world education was proving more valuable. Learning directly from the wise people he met on. His travels and seeing how other countries and system function was powerful. In 1985 he studied with some monks in Northern India, and later walked across the Himalaya into Nepal.

He then studied photography, opened his own studio and eventually was considered by the great magazine, National Geographic. It was just when photography changed from film to digital, and that was a complicated shift for everyone (including Nat. Geo.); so he moved into another area of great passion, setting up Solar Power systems for independent living. That grew into a large retail operation that installed solar power all over the world. More than a decade was dedicated to retail, where having employees and heavy overhead taught him the lessons of being a successful business Owner.

Marcus then went back to study music and being a recording artist. They were great years for self-expression, but the search for a new profession was on. For the next decade he was a successful real estate agent in a couple of markets of Western Canada.

Marcus is a natural teacher, able to explain complex concepts using simple vocabulary and metaphors. As a photographer he taught classes, as a musician he taught music, as a Solar Power specialist he lectured in various venues, and teaching is a thread that runs in many many fields.

In 2010 he translated the best-selling book "The Art of Listening to Life" from Spanish to English. The new profession was not so much as a translator as a lecturer and workshop leader of the material in the book. The passion became teaching how to become an active participant in the art of creating an interesting life.

This culminated in a TED Talk. Now with the publication of his new book “I Breathe Therefore I AM”, his journey continues with helping people get into the driver's seat of their life. Deep conscious breathing is a principle tool used to calm the mind and focus thought. His recent book is another piece in the puzzle of successfully navigating this life. As a consultant he uses Breathing exercises to prepare and elevate his clients.

Relaxation One is a practice using Breath as a central tool, and The Elemental Living Group is the platform for connecting and sharing the information.

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